Advanced Package

A website that satisfies the needs of small and medium enterprises in expansion. Unlike the BASIC package, the ADVANCED package offers more advanced tools, necessary to give the website functionality (such as social network support, news input, multiple languages option, etc.) rather than a pleasing appearance. A website designed with the Advanced package contains a user program that helps the website’s owner to personally change and add contents.

This solution involves complete CMS (Content management system – a simple program that helps you maintain your website). It is the most repaying package, because you get a website and CMS included in the price, while most programmers charge you additionally for CMS. Also, you don’t pay monthly maintenance, because you can maintain the website yourself. Discover the pleasure of managing your website by yourself, without help, and without waiting for others to do some trivial things for you! In time, if you are ambitious enough, you could learn how to newelop and improve your website, without additional costs.

If you choose the Advanced package, because you want to maintain your website specifically, you will receive a training and our best programmers will be available for any kind of consultations for you phone.

Home Page

+10 Additional pages


Site editing program


Create your own e-mail campaigns

Note: The listed packages do not include writing of texts for customers, no photograph or scan of photos, tap or translate texts or maintaining a website. Package Service services can be combined on request. In this case, the prices vary depending on the specific request. If your specific question is not listed above, please free to contact us via online questionnaire.